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Meet Tahaan – a young and dynamic group of volunteers. Our goal is to quench Tahaan or Thirst of a draught hit Maharashtra – little step by step. We are just like you 🙂 Students, Working Professionals and Commoners from diverse fields and age groups. We’re sure you are aware of the extreme water shortage our villages are facing. It in one of the worst droughts Maharashtra has seen in recent times. This has led to a lot of support pouring in from all parts of the country. But help has reached only a select few regions of the state. What about those lesser popular yet more

But help has reached only a select few regions of the state. What about those lesser popular yet more effected ? There are many such hamlets and districts which are draught hit yet ignored by media and campaigners. Hence, we as a group of people from Pune & Mumbai, have started this initiative ‘Tahaan- Every single drop counts’ to do our bit in helping out the fringe villages like Pansarewadi, Naroli, Baramathi and other surrounding remote areas. The groundwater level in these villages has gone down drastically, leaving the families with no water for basic necessities, forcing them to migrate; Suicides won’t be too far either.

Before it gets any worse, we’re planning to provide water to around 7000 people in these villages during May, when water crisis will be at its worst. But, we need your help. The cost of providing water for 1200 people for one day is approx. Rs. 2000/-. This will provide each family, on an average 200 ltrs. of water, 1/4th of what we use. But, it’s a start, and they need it more than they ever have. This initiative will continue till we hit our target of smiles till miles!

But will be over once the monsoons shed ? Definitely not. Water management & conservation is an art & science in itself. Hence we have also tied with local government bodies for afforestation too.

Drop by drop, tree by tree, we are envisioning a better future 🙂

So, we request you to understand the gravity of the issue, and urge each you to contribute to the cause, in whatsoever way you can. Every single donation – be it an effort, share or pay – will go a long way in keeping draughts at bay.

How to donate? Contact-
Pushkar: 9673951222
Sunny: 8888771773
Kalyan: 8983155829

For Online Donations:




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