Rural areas in Pune district seek more water tankers this summer

A steady rise has been recorded in the demand for water tankers from rural areas of Pune district during the ongoing summer season. The district administration so far has deployed 20 tankers for supplying drinking water in 11 villages and over 100 hutments. About 36,600 residents in these villages depend on tankers to meet their daily water requirements, says a latest report released by the Pune revenue division.
‘Zaade lava, Tahaan bhagwa’


There are five districts under Pune revenue division of which three districts have registered scarcity of drinking water. Besides Pune, demand for water tankers is also up from Satara and Sangli districts. In Sangli, the administration has deployed about 120 tankers while in Satara over 88 tankers were ferrying drinking water to 103 villages which have asked for tankers after water sources in these villagers went dry.

We’re sure you are aware of the extreme water shortage our villages are facing, in one of the worst droughts Maharashtra has seen last year. This has inspired a lot of support pouring in from all parts of the country. But, evidently, the help is not enough. So, we’ve taken it up to help in the cause, in whatever little way we can.

 We’re a group of young people from Pune, comprising of students and working professionals, who have started an initiative ‘Tahaan- Every single drop counts‘. With Tahaan, we aim to do our bit in helping fringe villages and other surrounding remote areas this year as well.

A small step in raising awareness about the importance of afforestation, tree plantation, saving water and how waste water you can use to grow trees. Join hands and help us in the initiative.

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Want to join, contact:
Sunny     : 8888771773
Kalyan    : 8983155829



We are excited to hear you :)

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