IDF supports Tahaan for providing water in drought-hit regions

IDF supports TAHAAN – an initiative to provide water in the drought-hit regions in Maharashtra.

We’re sure you are aware of the extreme water shortage our villages are facing, in one of the worst droughts Maharashtra has seen in recent times. This has inspired a lot of support pouring in from all parts of the country. But, evidently, the help is not enough. So, we’ve taken it up to help in the cause, in whatever little way we can.

We’re a group of young people from Pune, comprising of students and working professionals, who have started an initiative ‘Tahaan- Every single drop counts‘. With Tahaan, we aim to do our bit in helping fringe villages like Deulgaon Rasal, Undawadi Supe, Kharadewadi, Karkhel, Pansarewadi, Kutalwadi, Sablewadi and other surrounding remote areas. The groundwater level in these villages has gone down drastically, leaving the families with no water for basic needs, forcing them to migrate.
Before it gets any worse, we decided to provide water to around 10,000 people in these villages from May to mid-June, when water crisis will be at its worst. Since we started it, the campaign has caught the attention of people in the city, being featured in a few local newspapers as well. But, we need a little more than that; and we hope you can provide the needed impetus.
The cost of running a tanker in the villages for a day is about Rs. 5,000 per day, which covers about 1000 families per day. This will provide each family, on an average 200 ltrs. water, 1/4th of what we use every day. It won’t be enough. But, it’s a start, and they need it more than they ever have.
We’ve partnered with Indian Development Foundation, Mumbai (IDF), who have been kind enough to support the cause in the capacity of our NGO Partner. If you wish to donate, here are the details.
For donations by cheque:
o Draw a cheque in the name of “Indian Development Foundation” payable at Mumbai.
Want to make an Online Transfer
o Payee’s Name : Indian Development Foundation
o Bank Name : Indian Overseas Bank
o Saving Bank No. 207001000083586
o IFSC – IOBA0002070
Also, the donations made are exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
The Maharashtrian proverb, “Thembe Thembe Tale Saache”, means, “It is only drop by drop, that the mighty ocean forms.” The time to act is now. An act of kindness is a thankless one; however, the knowledge that you have helped someone in desperate need is priceless.
We are collecting funds to supply water in drought-affected areas, so let’s join hands and help in whatever way we can. So, we request you to understand the gravity of the issue, and urge each and everyone of you to contribute in this cause, however you can. Every single donation will go a long way in helping them.

For Online Donations:

Want to Donate?Contact:
Pushkar : 9673951222
Kalyan    : 8983155829
Sunny     : 8888771773

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