See what happens when the water crisis comes to a local theater.

In a movie theater in Los Angeles a free bottle of water was happily given to everyone. However…. the bottles were impossible to open, and…. let the story unfold! Brilliant, and captures the mind perfectly…. Spot On!! Very effective…..and right on target.

Tahaan is  collecting funds to supply water in drought-affected areas, so let’s join hands and help in whatever way we can. So, we request you to understand the gravity of the issue, and urge each and everyone of you to contribute in this cause, however you can. Every single donation will go a long way in helping them.

For Online Donations:

Want to Donate?Contact:
Pushkar : 9673951222
Kalyan    : 8983155829
Sunny     : 8888771773

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We are excited to hear you :)

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